Caracas [Venezuela], March 12: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro expressed his optimism about integrating Latin America and the Caribbean and affirmed his country's commitment to various regional cooperation mechanisms.
"We are experiencing a second progressive wave in Latin America. We are very attentive to the evolution of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States and the reactivation of the Union of South American Nations," Maduro wrote Saturday on Twitter after an interview with Radio La Pizarra.
"Venezuela is advancing by leaps and bounds in consolidating strategic alliances with sister nations," he said during the interview.
Noting that he is "optimistic about the future," Maduro detailed "the recovery of bilateral meetings and political, economic and commercial agreements" between Venezuela and the other nations in the region.
Maduro said the new progressive wave in the region is "more diversified and different," adding that "we are taking inevitable and necessary steps toward a freer, more independent, just and egalitarian Latin America."
Source: Xinhua