Washington [USA], May 13: Business Insider reported on May 12 that in an interview with the press, Mr. Fenton said that a 12-person task force like before may no longer be effective. He explained that modern warfare now requires the addition of cybersecurity experts, pilots, and cryptography experts to the squad.
He said the idea came from "lessons learned in Ukraine, mainly through the perspective of British special forces ". According to him, the British army's elite unit has expanded diversity in its combat formation and applied it effectively.
"British special forces asked for advice from Royal Air Force pilots on the operation of drones and information from navy soldiers about how ships move in the Black Sea, as they have a lot of expertise." more in this issue," Mr. Fenton said.
There are currently speculations about the secret appearance of Western troops in Ukraine. The possibility of the West sending troops to Ukraine was also mentioned, for example French President Emmanuel Macron said he would consider sending troops if Kyiv requested it and Russia made progress on the battlefield.
In a statement sent to Business Insider , a US Department of Defense spokesman said: "There is a long-standing policy of successive governments not to comment on British special forces."
In April 2022, Ukrainian commanders told the Times of London that British special forces were in Ukraine to train soldiers to use NLAW anti-tank missiles donated by the UK. "Everyone knows Western special forces were in Ukraine. They just don't admit it publicly," a European defense official told the Financial Times in February.
In a post on social network X early last week, Vice Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev warned that Moscow could use nuclear weapons if the West sends troops to Ukraine.
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper