Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], November 21: India's celebrated retail insights platform, Bizom, is now garnering trust and admiration on the global stage as international market players enhance their distribution acumen with retail intelligence.
Recognized for its transformative impact in Indian retail, the bangalore-based tech company has secured partnerships with several international retail giants across emerging markets, positioning itself as a trusted solution provider on a global scale and reflecting the platform's capability to adapt and cater to the unique requirements of diverse markets and retail segments.
Markets show that Bizom has been instrumental in transforming how India's bigshot brands are managing their sales, distribution, and supply chain operations. With a robust presence in the Indian retail landscape, Bizom has emerged as a game-changer for numerous leading enterprises (Mother Dairy, Parle Agro, Philips, Heineken, Tata Consumer, Shell, VIP, Castrol, Hershey, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Eveready, Godrej Consumer) offering them cutting-edge solutions to magnify retail operational excellence.
When asked what makes Bizom the preferred choice for retail companies, Lalit Bhise, CEO of Bizom said, "Retail Intelligence is no longer a want, it's a need for market survival. The millions who use our technology everyday to be more efficient and the leaders who seek our insights to lead more proficiently, is the reason we work so passionately to drive success for each brand on Bizom."
The platform's data-driven insights and cutting-edge tools have evidently provided a competitive edge, enabling more than 600 retail businesses to respond swiftly to market dynamics, boost profitability, and navigate the intricacies of the market successfully.
Now after a decade of strengthening the dynamics of Indian retail as Bizom expands its footprint in the global retail arena rapidly, the platform still remains committed to its core principles of transparency, innovation, and data excellence. "We're privileged to have earned this trust and respect from all over the world, and we promise to return it back through more innovative solutions that will reshape retail in the coming years," added Lalit.
From empowering sales leaders to monitor the performance of products across markets during lockdown to enabling the field salesman to work remotely during COVID and helping consumers find medical stores near them, Bizom's success story sheds light on the increasing importance of technology in the retail sector where efficiency, data-driven insights, and smart decision-making play pivotal roles in achieving growth and sustainability for the manufacturer as well as the consumer.
But this transformation is not limited to established market players alone. In an industry where tradition meets innovation, Bizom's approach has always been inclusive. This has allowed seasoned retailers to stay ahead of the competition and fresh talent to quickly adapt to the complexities of the industry.
New entrants to the retail arena in the recent years like BoAt, Beardo, Galderma, Luxottica, A2B, Mio Amore, Bauli, Orion are also leveraging Bizom's technology from the outset itself to level the playing field and ensure that innovation and data intelligence stays at the heart of their operations. By setting this new industry standard, Bizom is allowing both established leaders and emerging leaders across categories to harness the power of data and technology for growth and success. Regardless of experience or seniority, Indian manufacturers are now at the forefront of innovation and efficiency with Bizom.
As the company celebrates its ten-year milestone and grows its global presence, Bizom will look to build more market-focused solutions for all categories in the retail ecosystem, encompassing suppliers and distributors to retailers and even consumers.
Bizom is the Retail Intelligence Platform that digitizes supply chain distribution with AI-based, outcome-driven sales automation tools like Bizom SFA, Bizom DMS and Bizom Retailer App.
Trusted by CPG brands in India and emerging markets, Bizom is implemented across 50+ countries for more than 600 leading retail brands and 8 million stores, empowering each stakeholder in the downstream supply chain with intelligent analytics to place the right products at the right outlets. With a keen focus on revolutionizing the distribution landscape globally, Bizom aims to empower businesses to optimize their distribution networks, enhance supply chain and manpower efficiency, optimize inventory management, and enhance the overall sales and operational performance.
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