Tokyo (Japan), November 23: In Sumo, Ozeki champion Takakeisho says he will do everything he can, before the next tournament, to try to become a Yokozuna Grand Champion.
Takakeisho held an online news conference on Monday. He had picked up his second tournament win the day before. The victory was his first as an Ozeki.
Takakeisho said his first tourney victory in 2018 was like a dream. He said he only felt like a winner, after he came to his senses.
He said when he beat his closest rival during the playoff bout in the November tournament, he knew he had won the championship.
Takakeisho maintained his lead throughout the tourney. The event lasted for 15 days.
The sumo wrestler said his failure to catch up with the frontrunner during the September tournament made him realize how much one loss means. He said that's why he adopted the view that tomorrow will not come, unless he fights hard.
Takakeisho said he's happy about his first win as an Ozeki. He said he feels relieved that he was able to repay those who supported him, even when he was in poor shape.
Source: NHK World