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New Delhi [India], November 21: Rus Education, a pioneer in facilitating educational opportunities in Russia for Indian students, proudly organized the Vipusk MarSU 2023 Graduation Ceremony of the Mari State University at the Russian House in New Delhi. The event marked a significant milestone for the graduating class of 2023 of approx 450 Indian students from Mari State University, as they were honored for their dedication, hard work, and exceptional achievements. The event was distinguished by the presence of esteemed guests, including Alfred Shtoda- Representative of Embassy of Russian Federation in India; Air Marshal Dr. Pawan Kapoor (Retd.), Technical Advisor from Rus Education; Dr. Vanita Mittal, General Manager Academics at Max Healthcare; Harish Chopra, Secretary General- India Russia Foundation; Elena Barman, Representative of the Russian House in New Delhi; and Dr Rohit Chaudhary- Indian Student Coordinator, Mari State University in Russia.
The ceremony was not just a local affair, but a global recognition of academic excellence, bringing together students, parents, and distinguished guests from various corners of India. Among the graduates, a special acknowledgment was extended to those who returned from Ukraine, choosing Mari State University as the pinnacle of their academic journey. Their decision highlighted the international reputation and allure of Mari State University as a hub for quality education.
Alfred Shtoda, Representative of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in India, expressed his delight at the success of the graduating class, stating, "It's truly heartening to witness the accomplishments of these bright minds." He further stated that the accomplishments of the young graduates should not only be their professional milestones but also foster the relationship between the two nations.
Air Marshal Dr. Pawan Kapoor (Retd.), Technical Advisor, Rus Education, commended the graduates for their dedication and resilience, saying, "Education is the foundation of progress, and seeing these students reach this milestone is a testament to their hard work and determination. Additionally, graduation is not only a moment to enjoy but also a moment to know what lies ahead. Embracing a career in medicine is an enduring dedication to lifelong commitment and continuous learning." He continued on to share, "Within this field, collaboration is key, as medical professionals illuminate the path together, thriving in teamwork alongside their colleagues." In his address, he congratulated all the graduates for successfully completing their graduation and on receiving their degrees, as a symbol of their commitment and years of hard work. Further, he delivered an eloquent address to the students, extending a warm welcome to all the esteemed guests in attendance. Moreover, he appreciated the role of Dr. Rohit Chaudhary, Coordinator of Indian students at Mari State University, who assisted these students throughout their transformative academic journey with Mari State University.
Dr. Vanita Mittal, General Manager of Academics at Max Healthcare, emphasized the importance of a well-rounded education. "As these graduates step into the professional world, it's essential to recognize the holistic education they received. Mari State University's commitment to academic excellence and overall development is commendable," she remarked. She also shared about the endless opportunities available for the graduates at Max Healthcare to continue with their career.
Other guests including Harish Chopra, Elena Barman, and Dr. Rohit Chaudhary, not only honored the event with their presence but also took the stage to impart words of encouragement, wisdom, and knowledge. Above all, they extended heartfelt congratulations to the graduates, acknowledging their unwavering dedication to achieving their goals.
The ceremony concluded on a high note of celebration, symbolizing not just the end of an academic journey but the commencement of a new chapter for the graduates. Vipusk MarSU 2023 will be remembered as a testament to Mari State University's commitment to global education and the bright futures it paves for its medical graduates.
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