Lebanon [Beirut], March 11: The agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran to resume diplomatic ties will hopefully enhance security and stability in the Middle East to benefit the region and the world, said Lebanese Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib on Friday.
"Lebanon has always paid a heavy price for regional disputes, and therefore, it is hoped that this step will contribute to strengthening the pillars of security and stability in the region and the consolidation of positive and constructive cooperation that will inevitably benefit the countries of the region, their peoples and the world," Bou Habib was quoted as saying by the National News Agency.
Saudi Arabia and Iran have agreed to restore diplomatic relations and reopen their embassies and missions within two months after China-mediated talks in Beijing. They have also agreed to hold talks between foreign ministers to arrange ambassadors' exchange and explore ways to strengthen bilateral relations.
Bou Habib called on Arabs to engage in an Arab-Iranian dialogue based on respect for the sovereignty of states, non-interference in their internal affairs, and good neighborliness.
Source: Xinhua