Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], March 21 (ANI/NewsVoir): FliQi, a top-tier institution for AI-ML learning, has announced the launch of its latest offering - AI-ML Based Learning Modules. Designed to provide students with personalized learning practices and recommendations, these modules aim to enhance the overall learning experience and help students prepare for competitive exams and secure government job positions. Based in Jaipur, this Edu-Tech startup is committed to providing the finest quality of education and is excited to introduce this new element to its curriculum. With AI-ML Based Learning Modules, FliQi is poised to revolutionize the education industry and help students achieve their career aspirations.
Providing affordable education to every student through online courses, test series, and current affairs is one of the key strengths of this institution. Prior to launch, the institute conducted extensive testing with 10,000 students, and the results were remarkable - 4,000 students secured government jobs, which is an achievement that the institution takes pride in. With this achievement, the institute has demonstrated its commitment to providing high-quality education and preparing students for successful careers in the government sector. The institution continues to strive towards its goal of democratizing education and empowering students to achieve their full potential.
FliQi specializes in providing comprehensive courses in AI-ML learning for over 25 state and central government job exams. Leveraging its expertise in this field, the institution is poised to expand its offerings by launching educational courses for other state competitive exams and additional skill-based courses in the coming years. With its commitment to providing the finest quality of education and its cutting-edge approach to teaching, FliQi is well-positioned to help students achieve their career goals and prepare for success in a rapidly changing job market. The institution is excited to embark on this new phase of growth and is committed to supporting the educational aspirations of its students.
Dinesh Fenin, the CEO and Founder of FliQi, brings over 10 years of experience in the education sector to his role. Fenin has emphasized the importance and significance of AI-ML learning in today's era, stating that "for students, AI-ML learning is the best choice for Edu-Tech startups as it helps them focus on their weak points." He further explained that with AI-ML-based learning modules, teachers can easily track students' individual progress reports and learning behaviors, enabling them to adapt their teaching approach to better support each student's needs. Fenin's vision for FliQi is to empower students with personalized learning experiences and help them achieve their full potential.
The Edu-Tech organization is well-known for providing students with smart notes as well as video lectures through QR codes that includes; all practice questions with video solutions with QR code. Apart from that, FliQi has also launched their smart book including all chapters along with a video solution which is easily available in the local market with QR code.
FliQi, a Edu-Tech startup fosters the lifelong learning process and makes learning rewarding by offering an all in one window solution to all study-related demands, from high-quality information to topic recommendations based on student performance to ensure success.
Institute offers comprehensive online courses for more than 250+ Government & Non-Government competitive exams. FliQi offers content with videos, written content, and online practice exams at extremely low prices.
In 2014, our Edu-Tech platform created and introduced mock tests and current affairs quizzes. In 2018, launched video courses where their findings found major issues in the traditional education system and also in online teaching methods. In the education sector teachers and platforms are available to teach students but they are not aware of individual student progress reports and methods on how to improve their learning behavior. After knowing the major drawbacks in learning, the company started working on the AI ML reporting and recommendations system. In March 2022 they launched AI ML beta testing after testing on 10000 students they got sufficient data to launch FLIQI AI-ML 2.O on 15 feb 2023.
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