Mississippi (USA) November 22: A college football team was blocked from entering the field before their game got started Thursday night.
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College was about to hit the gridiron to prepare for their game against Jones College when one of the officials got in their way at their makeshift tunnel.
MGCCC defensive tackle Brian Merritt was holding a chainsaw at their inflatable tunnel and before the team could take the field the official came over and said that he couldn't run onto the field with the item, according to the Sun Herald.
"One of us has been doing this 30 years and haven't seen something like that," one referee said.
The newspaper noted that the school had been taking the chainsaw onto the field before games for the last two years.
"Maybe we should have asked permission, but sometimes it's better off not asking and doing it anyway," MGCCC coach Jack Wright told the newspaper, adding that the team brings out the chainsaw because of a blitz play called "Saw" they run on defense.
MGCCC won the game, 35-8. They clinched their division championship and will host its conference championship game in two weeks against Northwest Mississippi.
Source: Fox News