Washington [US], November 30: Experts reveal that American spies may have collected many suspected alien flying saucers, with the coordination of many agencies.
The Daily Mail on November 29, citing knowledgeable sources, said that American spies had collected at least 9 alien flying saucers , of which 2 were "completely intact".
Accordingly, playing the main role in the collection is the Office of Global Access (OGA) of the US Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) established in 2003.
"There are at least 9 with each individual situation. Depending on the physical condition, if they fall, they will suffer a lot of damage. There are 2 completely intact," according to a source.
The CIA has a system to detect unidentified flying objects ( UFOs ) "while they remain concealed", helping US special military units collect if "non-human devices" land , crashed or was shot down.
Another anonymous source described the OGA's role as "basically a support party" for US special forces to access areas where they are not normally allowed. A second source said the force is "very smart in being able to go anywhere in the world they want".
Most OGA operations involve stray nuclear weapons, downed satellites, or enemy technology, but some missions involve UFO recovery . "The current mission is simply to control and protect secrets. The actual recovery is carried out by the military," a source said.
OGA is also said to coordinate with Delta Force or SEALs under the US Joint Operations Command (JSOC) or Nuclear Emergency Support Team (NEST), to collect drones from outsiders. planet.
Responding to a request for comment, JSOC said "we have nothing to provide you on this matter". A NEST spokesman confirmed that the agency's staff "regularly encounter materials of unknown origin", but have never encountered any UFO-related material.
In July, after several people testified about the US Congress's UFO collection program, Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer supported a bill that would force the government to disclose "collection technologies". of unknown origin and biological evidence of non-human intelligence".
Source: ThanhNien Newspaper